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Barbara Releases First Ever Single

Critically acclaimed Cabaret Singer/Actor/Writer, Barbara Bleier, releases the first digital single of her career. Barbara, who made her concert debut at age 4 at the legendary Carnegie Hall, and who has traveled the world of cabaret/film/theater over the several decades; now enters the realm of Pop music with a sensuous vocal version of the #LeonardCohen song, A Thousand Kisses Deep. Featuring Paul Greenwood, on piano and arranged with Barbara. Recorded at popular, Pangea, during her duet gig with Austin Pendleton, in 2020. Filmed by cabaret nurse: Maryann Lopinto; with music mix by the staff at the club...remixed by Philip Patnaude and yours truly for Lampkin Magic Productions...Mastered by Cloudbounce at CD Baby. We don’t have a link yet, but we were so excited that I had to post now. Will have link early Friday morning. A Quote from Barbara: I had the opportunity to hear Leonard Cohen speak this song with orchestral background in one of his last concerts at Radio City Music Hall. I loved the ironic, self-deprecating sensuality of the song, the obvious self-confidence that he showed about his sexuality, even in his 80's, and the way he was still playing to it in his lyrics and presentation. The lyric was clearly written by an old roue' for an old roue' to sing, and he was, by definition, male. And, yet, the song spoke to the old roue' (or is it rouee'?) in me. It made me think about Collette's novels, and Sinatra's "It was a Very Good Year". I played the song for a musician friend...Tammy Faye Starlite...and told her how much I wanted to sing this, and she said, "Just sing it!". So, Music Director Paul Greenwood and I sat down with the song, and went over thses that Cohen had written over the years, and came up with this arrangement. A quote on Barbara’s live version: On a spoken intro to "1000 Kisses Deep" by Leonard Cohen, one could practically feel the audience sucked in as if preparing for one collective gasp when she spoke out, "open like a lotus to the heat. Chris Struck, BroadwayWorld A Quote from Award winning singer/songwriter, Michele Brourman: Barbara’s version has heart and depth and intelligence and musicality. And authenticity. And it's Barbara co-mingling with Leonard Cohen. Which is pretty wonderful!

Single Photo by Maryann Lopinto Single Design by Frank Dain

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