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Last In Line

Where is the outrage? Texas has just put a bounty on women’s heads, has just declared open season on women seeking an abortion, and other...

What Are We Now?

How the last four years have dimmed my hope for democracy.

Meghan, Andrew & Me

It’s been another tough week; an unusual kind of tough for me. As a former “red diaper” baby, used to fighting for minorities, oppressed...

TWS (Trump Withdrawal Syndrome)

So, look…I’ve always been a political animal. Among my earliest memories are riding atop my father’s shoulders at a “Save the Rosenbergs”...

Home Comfort

This is a video that I made at the beginning of the pandemic for the wonderful Richard Skipper’s campaign for people to stay at home....

Lowering the Barr

I wanted to post a song tonight, but it’s not a night for singing. I watched the President of the United States be impeached today for...

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