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Home Comfort

This is a video that I made at the beginning of the pandemic for the wonderful Richard Skipper’s campaign for people to stay at home....

Lowering the Barr

I wanted to post a song tonight, but it’s not a night for singing. I watched the President of the United States be impeached today for...

Happy 2021

WISHING ALL OF YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR! MAY WE ALL TURN A REAL CORNER IN 2021! Next blog, Thursday January 7th, 2021!!!!!

Maybe, Just Maybe, You Can Go Home Again

On a cold February morning in 2011 my husband, Liam, and I set off to explore Far Rockaway, in Queens. Our aim, or at least my aim, was...

My Father's Promised Land (Part 2)

My cousin texted me after this election. “I love Joe Biden”, she wrote. “He’s the Uncle Harry of politics”. Her Uncle Harry was my...

My Father’s Promised Land

As election day nears, my thoughts keep going to my father, at whose knee I had my first political lessons. My father was a Socialist...

My Magic Place

My last posts have been about my city (New York, of course), and my neighborhood, the West Village. That got me started thinking about...

I Cry For My City

I walk down Bleecker street, the hub of my West Village neighborhood, and I see the FOR RENT signs, and the boarded up windows. My...

Sing Out

Summer’s over. Pandemic’s not. No more easy porch socializing, outdoor dining, quasi-normal activities. My haunts are closed. I sing and...

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